Welcome to, an internet service (“the service” or the “website”) provided by We respect your privacy and want you to know what information we collect about you and what we do with that information. The following privacy policy was created to help you understand how the information you provide to will be used. This privacy policy applies to all information we collect about you. Please note that may contain hyperlinks to other Internet sites and occasionally these sites may share the brand or the brand of one of our affiliates. Sites that are connected to the service or brand may have privacy policies that differ from those of

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If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us using the following page, contact us.

Information we collect

Registration information. You are not required to give us any personal information to access our website or to view the information we generally provide on our website. However, we may offer you the opportunity to register with us or join our mailing list. Although it is not necessary to register to access our website, if you want to participate in a course we will need your personal data to register for each course, as well as to be redirected to a payment method (paypal or Stripe) to carry out the course. respective payment. At other times, you may also be asked to provide us with additional information, such as your age, gender, and other personal information so that you may receive additional information about our services in the future. may need this information to get to know you better, help you understand new services, programs and offers in which you may be interested, and thus improve your online experience.

Automatic data collection. You may visit our website and use certain of our services anonymously. However, whether or not you have registered with us, may collect certain personal information for the use of our services. For example, may collect information regarding the type of Internet browser you use, the type of computer or operating system you use, your IP address, the speed of your connection, the domain name of your service provider internet service, the geographic location from which you are accessing our services and/or the website or advertisement from which you connected to our website. Once you have registered with us, we also track and collect information about you including your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others, and the patterns you followed while using our website, such as the pages of the website you visited, searches you drove, and how long you were on our website. If you choose to contact us, we may keep a history of your correspondence.

Cookies. When you visit our website or click on any hyperlink that appears on it, or use one or more of our services, we may use an industrial technology called "cookies" which stores certain information on your computer and that allows us to personalize your experience to align it with your interests and preferences or simply facilitate your access when using our services. Most browsers will allow you to delete or block cookies from your computer or hard drive or will alert them when they are activated. Please refer to your browser's instructions for help or to learn more about its features. Please note, however, that if you block the use of these cookies in your browser, the service may not be used or you may not be able to access our website or it may affect the functioning of the page itself.

Information we receive from our affiliates. You may also provide personal information to third parties or affiliated brand sites through which we provide access to our services (“affiliated networks”). When you register with us, the affiliate network from which you joined may provide us with your username and password for that network. Some of those affiliated networks or other networks may share any other information you share with us. By using our services, you agree to allow us to receive and use any information, except credit card information, that you provide to affiliated networks, under the same terms as if you had provided it to us directly. Whether or not a network affiliate shares your information and the extent to which it is shared with us will depend on your agreement with us and your individual or particular privacy policy.

What we do with your information

In general, may use information about you to provide and improve the service. may share this information with content service providers, affiliates and other entities on a non-personal basis for demographic studies and preferential information for service users or for other purposes. This information may include usage and demographic data, but will not include personal information (such as your email address).

If you provide with personal information, we will take reasonable and appropriate steps to protect this information. Except as described in this privacy policy, will not disclose, share, sell or rent personal information collected on our website to third parties for their promotional use without your consent unless it is for a specific program that you may ask us not to take part. If you request to receive information from our affiliates by selecting this option in the future, we may share your registration information and information about your transactions on our service with the studios and/or our affiliates. If you access our services through an affiliate version of our website that contains a notice that information will be shared with such affiliate which will appear under the name of the affiliate website, any personal or non-personal information will be shared with said affiliate website. affiliated. Any use of that information by will be subject to this privacy policy, and any use of such information by an affiliate will be subject to this privacy policy and the affiliate's privacy policy. We do not share your credit card account information with affiliated networks or any other third parties, except to the credit card processing services described below.

To keep you informed about our services, we may send emails and announcements that are necessary for the administration of our website and the service. We may also provide our users with the option to join our email list to receive additional information about our website, services and offers, including those of, or its affiliates.


We use reasonable security methods to protect data residing on our servers. However, no security system is impenetrable, because of this, we cannot guarantee the security of our servers. It is also possible that the information you provide to us may be intercepted during data transmission.

Whenever you provide with sensitive information (example: passwords, credit card numbers, etc.), will take commercially reasonable steps to protect such information and establish a secure connection with our web browser. uses an industry standard technology known as secure-socket-layer (“SSL”) to protect the transmission of payment information to the website. You can check the security of your connection by looking at the address bar in your browser window. When you access a server protected by SSL, the first few characters of the address will change from "http" to "https."'s privacy policy does not extend to anything inherent in the operation of the Internet, thus beyond's control, and will not be applied in any manner contrary to law or government regulation.

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